Title: The Idhun Chronicles. The Resistance. I: Search (Comic Book)
Publisher: Ablaze
Translator: Andrea Rosenberg
Experience the hit anime Netflix show as a graphic novel series!
A boy suddenly orphaned fights his parents’ killer to save a planet and discovers a new world of danger…and wonder.
Jack, a teenager from Earth, has a dire premonition: something is wrong. However, he cannot imagine the change he will experience in his life when he gets back home. There he finds his parents have died and is transported by two mysterious strangers to a magical world. Together with Victoria, a girl he has just met, he will start a fight of unexpected proportions. Their fate will be inexorably linked to the Resistance, a small group fighting for the freedom of a world called Idhun. Will he be able to restore the lost peace?
A story that mixes adventure, magic and love, and which shows values such as overcoming difficulties, courage and unconditional friendship.


Title: Omnia
Publisher: Amazon Crossing
Translator: Jordi Castells
Where else but Omnia would a boy go looking to replace a one-of-a-kind stuffed bunny that happens to be his baby sister’s favorite toy? Scrolling through the online retailer’s extensive inventory, Nico finds what looks like a perfect match, but the item is lost somewhere in the vast Omnia warehouse. He doesn’t believe it, so he stows away in a shipment being returned to the warehouse to search for the bunny himself.
Nico quickly gets stranded on the island of Omnia, a fantastical place that does much more than sell everyday items. It is a hub for a business with intergalactic reach, and while stray visitors to Omnia are welcomed warmly, they are not permitted to leave, ever.
The adventure of a lifetime awaits Nico as he searches for the beloved toy and tries to find a way to return home.

Title: The Legend of the Wandering King
Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books (An imprint of Scholastic)
Translator: Dan Belm
The most dangerous magical object in the history of the world waits quietly in the treasury of a decaying Arabian palace. It knows your name and home and history and fate; it knows the past and future of the entire human race. It is a carpet, an impossible, dazzling carpet, and though a glance at it can drive a man mad, many will risk their lives to look into its pattern and discover their destinies. And when the carpet is stolen, it is up to young King Walid to recover it. Walid bears the scars of a terrible secret, a crime of pride and hatred whose memory drives him on the quest. The search for the carpet will take him across the brilliant deserts of the Middle East, from a tribe of fierce bandits to the riches of Damascus to the love of a beautiful woman. And it will lead him finally to his own surprising destiny . . . One that even the carpet might never have predicted. Inspired by the true story of a real prince of pre-Islamic Arabia, The Legend of the Wandering King is a novel like no other: an original historical fantasy, a thoughtful exploration of our fates and choices, and an utterly thrilling adventure.

The Valley of the Wolves

Title: The Valley of the Wolves
Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books (An imprint of Scholastic)
Translator: Margaret Sayers Peden
For nine years, Dana has loved a boy only she can see. His name is Kai. He has blond hair and an easy smile and a wicked sense of humor; he’s her closest companion and confidant, the best and most trusted person she knows. Is he a figment of her imagination. Then the Maestro invites Dana to study sorcery at the great Tower in the Valley of the Wolves. The Maestro is mysterious, abrupt, even frightening; still, Dana can’t resist the chance to learn to summon the rain and spin fire from her hands. But soon the questions begin: Who is the woman in the golden tunic who tells Dana to “look for the unicorn”? What is the relationship between Fenris — Dana’s lone fellow student — and the wolves that swirl about the base of the Tower? And most important of all, what secrets does the Valley hold about Kai’s nature, and about Dana’s own destiny?