If you want to contact me, you’ll find my postal address below. If you have decided to write to me, please take the following into account:

1) I can only reply to letters written in Spanish or in English, as I can’t speak any other languages.

2)  Before writing to me, go to the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section. Most of the questions I am asked most often are answered there.

3) PLEASE BE PATIENT! I am receiving a lot of post, and I am taking about three months to reply. Please understand that I cannot deal with everyone at once, but I’m doing everything I can!

4) That’s why, before you write to me, or write to me again because you haven’t received a reply, bear in mind that I receive a lot of post. It takes some time to answer, and this is important, and I reply to the letters IN STRICT ORDER OF ARRIVAL. So, if your letter contains urgent queries, such as dates of book signings, presentations or book publications, it would be better if you consulted the website regularly to find these things out. It will be quicker than waiting for me to reply.

5) Please understand that if I don’t have time to answer letters in a reasonable time period, it is completely impossible for me to keep in contact with readers by email. I tried it once, and I couldn’t reply to so much mail in a sensible timeframe, so my email address is no longer available. Whoever wants to contact me must write me a letter. I answer each and every one of the letters I receive personally, as long as the postal address to reply to is correct.

6) Write your ADDRESS on the envelope of each letter. Don’t forget the postcode!! (NOTE: If you want me to reply to you, don’t give me an email address: you have to give me a normal postal address).

7) I DON’T SEND PHOTOS. A lot of people ask me for photographs, and I can’t send them to everyone, so, in general, I always say no.

Now that we’ve cleared all that up, you can send me your letters to: