Contact for editors: Antonia Kerrigan Literary Agency

Contact for readers: You’ll find my postal address below! 🙂 If you have decided to write to me, please take the following into account:

1) I can only reply to letters written in Spanish or in English, as I can’t speak any other languages.

2)  Before writing to me, go to the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section. Most of the questions I am asked most often are answered there.

3) PLEASE BE PATIENT! I am receiving a lot of post, and I am taking about three months to reply. Please understand that I cannot deal with everyone at once, but I’m doing everything I can!

4) Please understand that it is completely impossible for me to keep in contact with readers by email. I tried it once, and I couldn’t reply to so much mail in a sensible timeframe, so my email address is no longer available. Whoever wants to contact me must write me a letter. I answer each and every one of the letters I receive personally, as long as the postal address to reply to is correct.

5) Write your ADDRESS on the envelope of each letter. Don’t forget the postcode!! (NOTE: If you want me to reply to you, don’t give me an email address: you have to give me a normal postal address).

Now that we’ve cleared all that up, you can send me your letters to: